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Photo by Hooty Creek Studios
Welcome to The 4 13 Ranch

A little bit about us and what we have to offer. 
Over the years the Ranch has served as a training and breeding operation.  The last several years has seen the our work shift to working with kids and teaching.  If you are one of our extended horse family and want to keep up with the horses from our breeding program, we maintain our Ranch Facebook page and try to up date what our horses are doing.   

United States Pony Club~ The Eagles!
We have a Pony Club!  What started as our Work 2 Ride program has now turned in to a real Pony Club.  Pony Club offers a world of possibilities to it's members.  We have a number of activities we are able to offer right here at the Ranch in addition to what our region offers our members.  Please look at the Eagles Pony Club page for more information.  You can keep up with our club on Facebook.  

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


Upcoming activities, tentative calendar.  Please check back often as we add dates.  Dates in Blue require a Pony Club membership.  Dates in Red are Red River Region events.  Dates in Purple are open to all.  All activities are at the ranch unless otherwise stated.  Come join us!

Oct 7-Riding 4:00-6:00

Oct 11-Vaulting 4:00-6:00

Oct 18-19 Trip to William Wood University

Oct 21-Riding 4:00-6:00

Oct 25-Vaulting 4:00-6:00

Oct 28-Riding 4:00-6:00

Eagles Year End Certification, Clinic, and Year End Meeting!

Nov 1- Saddle Fitting Laurie MacDonald

Nov 2-4 Veritas Classical Horsemanship Clinic with Jaeme Duggan and Certification weekend (tentative)

It's our Pony Club Year End Celebration Weekend and you're invited! Weekend events open to members and non members.  

*Saddle Fitting with Laurie MacDonald*- Friday November 1. Laurie does an amazing job working with you and your horse to find the best fit possible. Fitting is $150 for private horses, $75 for lesson horses. This price includes flocking, padding, or any other solution she provides you. Her flocked pads are an amazing tool, especially in a lesson program! Please sign up by Oct 26 for a fitting spot. Laurie is very free with her knowledge and it is free to listen to her teach so please come learn with us!  

*Tack Sale* If anyone wants to bring a table and set up on Friday we can have a small tack sale/swap while Laurie is fitting. It might help you find what you need!

*Veritas Classical Horsemanship Clinic with Jaeme Duggan* Jaeme teaches French School Dressage. In-hand and ridden 'art form' dressage, honoring the legacy of Mark Russell, Jean-Claude Racinet and Nuno Oliveira. Ridden lessons $85 for one day, $75 each for two, $200 for all three days for non members. $25 for one day, $45 for two days, $60 for all 3 days for Club members. In hand only lessons $50 one day, $85 two days, $125 three days. Please sign up by Oct 26 so we can have ride schedule planned in advance. You can visit with Jaeme directly at **** please note, overnight stabling will be very limited. If you will need an over night panel pen for Friday or Saturday night please let us know ASAP.*****

*Vaulting* Friday afternoon from 3:00-5:30. This will be our last weekly vaulting meeting for the year. $10 per vaulter.  

*Badger Memorial* 6:00pm Friday evening. We will be planting flower bulbs over Badger's grave Friday evening. All who knew and loved him and welcome to join us. I will have bulbs and if anyone wants to bring something special of their own, please do.

*Parade of Breeds* Saturday morning at 11:30. Our Pony Club will be presenting a small parade of breeds to introduce everyone to their horses and teach about what breed they are.

*Pot Luck Lunch and Presentation of Certifications* 12:00 noon Saturday. Everyone please bring a dish to share and be ready to congratulate our members on earning their next certification levels!

*Riding on the Carousel: An Introduction to Musical Rides* Will follow lunch on Saturday. Taught by Jaeme Duggan.
-A Demonstration and Group Ride introducing how music affects horse gaits and tempo -How riding as a group improves you and your horse. Clinician will provide all music.  
-How riding to appropriate music enhances schooling--and how inappropriate music can hurt!
-How to ride a pas de duex, pas de troix and quadrilles, the keys to figures riding in groups
-Learn to find your horse's tempo, basic metronome use, and an introduction to time signatures
-How to ride school movements to music and evolve that into musical kurs
-How music in your daily work can improve your horse's gaits
-Artistic considerations
What this will not include: specific individual BPM analysis per horse, and specific editing of music. $10 Club members, $20 non members. Sign up required. 

*Year End Dinner* Saturday night. Very generously donated by Mary Goodman! Please give us a heads up so she knows how many are attending. 

*Pony Club Annual Meeting* 6:00 Saturday night. Agenda will be sent in advance to all current members.  

*Fall Portrait Sessions!* Heather Dodson, Hooty Creek Studios, will be offering fall portrait sessions throughout the weekend. Have some beautiful pictures done with your horses. Please contact her for rates and to schedule your time. 

A huge Thank you to everyone who has supported our club this last year. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!