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Welcome to The 4 13 Ranch

A little bit about us and what we have to offer. 
Over the years the Ranch has served as a training and breeding operation.  The last several years has seen the our work shift to working with kids and teaching.  If you are one of our extended horse family and want to keep up with the horses from our breeding program, we maintain our Ranch Facebook page and try to up date what our horses are doing.   

United States Pony Club~ The Eagles!
We have a Pony Club!  What started as our Work 2 Ride program has now turned in to a real Pony Club.  Pony Club offers a world of possibilities to it's members.  We have a number of activities we are able to offer right here at the Ranch in addition to what our region offers our members.  Please look at the Eagles Pony Club page for more information.  You can keep up with our club on Facebook.  

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


Upcoming activities, tentative calendar.  Please check back often as we add dates.  Dates in Blue require a Pony Club membership.  Dates in Red are Red River Region events.  Dates in Purple are open to all.  All activities are at the ranch unless otherwise stated.  Come join us!

June 10-Riding 9:00-11:00

June 13-Vaulting Barrel Practice @ Charlotte's 4:00-6:00

June 14- Clinic prep 9:00-11:00

June 15-"My First Dressage Show" Clinic 

June 17-Riding 9:00-11:00

June 20-Vaulting Barrel Practice @ Charlotte's 4:00-6:00

June 24-Riding 9:00-11:00

June 27-Vaulting Barrel Practice @ Charlotte's 4:00-6:00

June 28- Show prep 9:00-11:00

June 29-30- Dressage Show and Clinic with Jenesena Ursone.  Rain date would be in Aug.

July and Aug practice day and times will be determined by the summer heat.  

July 6-Parade

July 20-Vaulting Competition. Thunder Hill Equestrian, Mannford, OK.

July-Aug TBD Jump Clinic with Stephanie Peck

Aug TBD Possible Field Trip to AQHA Youth World Show and meeting with AQHA Staff writer.  

Aug 7-Compete at Vaulting Nationals!! and visit William Woods College

Sept 3-Riding 3:00-6:00

Sept 6-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

Sept 7-Hot Dog Fundraiser, Poteau Atwoods

Sept 9-Riding 3:00-6:00

Sept 14-15-Dressage Show and Clinic with Marilyn Coffey.  Rain date Sept 21-22.

Sept 16-Riding 3:00-6:00

Sept 17-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

Sept 20-State Fair Vaulting (tentative)

Sept 21-Vaulting Clinic with The Gold Star Pacesetters at the Ranch! Tentative

Sept 23-Riding 3:00-6:00

Sept 28-29-Red River Region Event Rally.  Norman, OK.

Sept 30-Riding 3:00-6:00

Oct 4-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

Oct 5-6 Veritas 4 13 The Power of Posture Clinic 

Oct 7-Riding 3:00-6:00

Oct 11-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

Oct 14-Riding 3:00-6:00

Oct 18- Vaulting 3:00-6:00

Oct 21-Riding 3:00-6:00

Oct 28-Riding 3:00-6:00

Nov 1-4 Veritas Classical Horsemanship Clinic with Jaeme Duggan and Certification weekend (tentative)

Nov 8-Vaulting 3:00-5:00

Nov 11-Riding 3:00-5:00

Nov 15-Vaulting 3:00-5:00

Nov 18-Vaulting 3:00-5:00

Nov 22-Vaulting 3:00-5:00

Nov 23-Year end Vaulting and Freestyle Review for Families and Friends