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Welcome to The 4 13 Ranch

A little bit about us and what we have to offer. 
Over the years the Ranch has served as a training and breeding operation.  The last several years has seen the our work shift to working with kids and teaching.  If you are one of our extended horse family and want to keep up with the horses from our breeding program, we maintain our Ranch Facebook page and try to up date what our horses are doing.   

Work 2 Ride
What started as a few of the neighbor kids doing chores so they could ride, turned into Work 2 Ride and led me to go to my first CHA clinic and earn my riding instructor certification.  As we expand, Work 2 Ride will always remain our own in house working student program.

United States Pony Club~ The Eagles!
We have a Pony Club!  Due in large part to the help of Heather, the greatest lesson mom ever, we are in the process of forming a USPC.  We have some young riders that started with us as leadliners with our Work 2 Ride and have stayed with us year after year.  If these riders stay committed until they graduate, we want to see their time and work pay off as much as possible.  Among other things, Pony Club offers a number of internship and scholarship opportunities.  Pony Club is open everyone so if you are interested please get in touch with us.  We are looking forward to a lot of fun, educational activities!   You can keep up with our club on Facebook.  

Vaulting has proven to be an invaluable asset for our young riders.  Not only does it teach confidence, balance, and coordination on horseback, it is super fun!  I really recommend all kids start with vaulting.  Vaulting also offers us a level of flexibility with scheduling.  It is a team sport and different experience levels can safely participate in the same lesson.  A team of vaulters uses the same horse during the lesson so we don't run into conflicts trying to find everyone time on an appropriate horse.  This makes vaulting lessons a good choice for anyone that can't commit to being here on a regular schedule but still want to be involved.  Last year our vaulters did their first public performances.  This year we are looking towards our first competition.  Come for fun and get as involved as you want!  

We will be looking forward to hosting Pony Club events here at the Ranch.  Watch the Event page for more information.   

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


Upcoming activities, tentative calendar.  Please check back often as we add dates.  Dates in Blue require a Pony Club membership.  Dates in Red are Red River Region events.  Dates in Purple are open to all.  All activities are at the ranch unless otherwise stated.  Come join us!

Feb 4-Riding 3:00-5:00, unmounted lesson-wither tracing

Feb 6-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 8-My Lil Pony 3:00-5:00

Feb 9-Learning to Drive Mini Clinic

Feb 9-RRR Horsemaster Training

Feb 11-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 13-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 15-My Lil Pony 3:00-5:00

Feb 18-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 20-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 22- My Lil Pony 3:00-5:00

Feb 23-24- Red River Region Banquet and Quiz. Norman, OK 

Feb 25-Riding 3:00-5:00

Feb 27-Riding 3:00-5:00

March 6-Riding 3:00-5:00

March 8-My Lil Pony 3:00-5:00

March 11- Riding 3:00-5:00

March 13-Riding 3:00-5:00

March 15-16-Vaulting clinic with The Gold Star Pacesetters and Mr. Frank Pace. Burleson, TX. Contact Frank Pace

March 18-Riding 3:00-6:00

March 20-Riding 3:00-6:00

March 22-Tentative Vet Farm Call with Dr. Labor

March 25-Riding 3:00-6:00

March 27-Riding 3:00-6:00

March 29-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

April 1- Riding 3:00-6:00

April 3-Riding 3:00-6:00

April 5- Vaulting 3:00-6:00

April 8-Riding 3:00-6:00

April 10-Riding 3:00-6:00

April 12-Vaulting 3:00-6:00

May 18-19- Dressage Rally

June 1-2-Red River Region Certification.  Willow Draw, Weatherford, TX. 

June 8- Trail Challenge (tentative)

June 29-30- Dressage Show and Clinic with Jenesena Ursone.  Rain date would be in Aug.

July 20-Vaulting Competition. Thunder Hill Equestrian, Mannford, OK.

Sept 14-15-Dressage Show and Clinic with Marilyn Coffey.  Rain date Sept 21-22.

Sept 20-State Fair Vaulting (tentative)

Sept 28-29-Red River Region Event Rally.  Norman, OK.

?Oct 12-13/Nov 16-17? Jump Rally and Regional Meeting.