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The Eagles Pony Club officially kicks off Sept 1, 2018!  

Pony Club offers us the opportunity to offer more education, events, and fun activities to more kids. Pony Club offers a structured curriculum with certification levels for our students to progress. For those that chose to grow with Pony Club there are scholarship and internship opportunities. These are some of the reasons we decided to form a United States Pony Club. If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, please feel free to get in touch with us!  

​Any one of any age can join Pony Club!  You do not have to ride at the Ranch to join.  Members with their own horse or their own trainers are more then welcome to join and progress at their own speed.  We do try to offer as much as possible at the Ranch so as many members as possible can progress.  No one can do everything.  Each member is going to have their own goals.  Please let us know what those goals are and our club will do everything we can to help support you!

To join Pony Club, members must join our club, Red River Region, and United States Pony Club.  
The Eagles Pony Club- No annual dues at this time, members just need to sign up and pay for the activities they chose to participate in.  
Red River Region-$50 for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019.
United States Pony Club-$200 for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019. 
Membership application and all dues must be submitted to The Eagles Pony Club.  Membership must be processed by the national office before member can begin participating in Pony Club activities.  
“Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he/she will have to accept that his life will be radically changed.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eagles Pony Club
What Pony Club has to offer-
With your national membership there are a ton of opportunities available to you that you can pursue on your own or within our club.  You can make your Pony Club experience everything you want it to be!  If you are interested in Regional or National activities that our club does not yet participate in, our club will do everything in our power to get you in touch with someone in our region that can help you and support you in any way we can.  You can explore United States Pony Club at their website
What our club has to offer:

We vault here at the ranch most Friday afternoons.  $10 per vaulter.  Vaulting events can be found on the calendar on the home page. 

Mounted meetings
Please check the home page for riding schedule.  $10 facility fee per rider.  The ranch does have some school horses available.  Must be matched according to riders size and ability.  $10 horse fee.  If a well suited horse is available for lease, that lease is set up between the member and the ranch.  Riding is supervised by a CHA instructor.  More experienced members are encouraged to help with beginners as they will be tested on their teaching skills as they progress through their certifications.  
Parents are required to attend with their children unless otherwise approved.  

Unmounted meetings
​Unmounted meeting teach skills needed out of the saddle.  We try offer a variety of education through out the year.  Unmounted projects will be taught along with mounted meetings.  Special meetings with professionals like our veterinarian and saddle fitter will be scheduled throughout the year.  Our Quiz Coach will be putting together unmounted meetings at her facility in Poteau as well.  

We will be hosting shows and clinics at the Ranch for Pony Club.  This gives our members the chance to show under and learn from a variety of professionals without having to travel.  This also gives the club a way to raise funds.  Check the Event page and come join us!

News Letter
Our news letter gives our members a chance to learn writing and publishing skills.  It also gives us a way to keep in touch with our club supporters and introduce the public to Pony Club.  If you would like to join our News Letter Email List, just email Lynette at 

January 2019 Issue 1

Fox Hunting Invitation
Our club currently has a generous invitation to send one member every year.  Our member will have the opportunity to complete all the requirements for their USPC Fox Hunting Pin.  This requires a clinic, a hunt pace, and a hunt.  Thank you to Stephanie for this opportunity to send a member!  The invitation will go to our most senior qualified member as long as this invitation is available.  Senior meaning longest time in the club, qualified meaning being capable of riding a D3 Event level.   

Pony Club Closet 
​It is hard to keep growing kids in clothes.  Especially riding clothes.  Thanks to the generous donations of individuals and The Horse of Course Tack Shop, our club has a growing closet of both hand me down riding clothes and new show clothes for Rally's.  Charlotte is heading up the clothing closet.  If you would like to donate, please feel free to contact her.  All items are greatly appreciated!  We also accept any tack items.  We have been able to out fit some beginning members with their own saddle, bridle, pads, girths, and leathers.  Items like this are a huge blessing to our families.  

That's what we are working on now.  If you are interested in another Pony Club discipline, we will do our very best to help or get you in touch with someone else in our region who can help!
Our Eagles Pony Club Champions.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the individuals and businesses that donate time, money, and materials to help our little Eagles fly.  Thank you to all our sponsors!

Please note- I am just getting this list up, if I don't have your name on it yet, just let me know and I'll get you added.  Thank you!

Leonard Harvison

Pat Barcheers, Feed in a Drum Oklahoma

Angela Stokes, Permissive Will Ranch

Horse Of Course Tack Shop, Claremore, OK

Evans and Miller Funeral Home, Poteau, OK

Swink Family Dental Clinic, Stigler, OK

Dr. Bob