The 4 13 Ranch

Dressage show Sept 22  **Will be rescheduled for Spring 2019**
and Clinic with the Judge Sept 23

Class List
1. Leadline Test A
2. Leadline Test B
3. Walk Only Jr Test A
4. Walk Only Jr Test B
5. Walk Only Adult Test A (will not count for high score)
6. Walk Only Adult Test B (will not count for high score)
7. Sport Horse In Hand Jr handler
8. Sport Horse In Hand Adult handler
9. Intro Test A Jr
10.Intro Test A Adult
11. Intro Test B Jr
12. Intro Test B Adult
13. Intro Test C Jr
14. Intro Test C Adult
15. Training Level Test 1 Jr
16. Training Level Test 1 Adult
17. Training Level Test 2 Jr
18. Training Level Test 2 Adult
19. Training Level Test 3 Jr
20. Training Level Test 3 Adult
21. Western Intro Test 1 Jr
22. Western Intro Test 1 Adult
23. Western Intro Test 2 Jr
24. Western Intro Test 2 Adult
25. Western Intro Test 3 Jr
26. Western Intro Test 3 Adult
27. Western Intro Test 4 Jr
28. Western Intro Test 4 Adult
29. Western Basic Test 1 Jr
30. Western Basic Test 1 Adult
31. Western Basic Test 2 Jr
32. Western Basic Test 2 Adult
33. Western Basic Test 3 Jr
34. Western Basic Test 3 Adult
35. Western Basic Test 4 Jr
36. Western Basic Test 4 Adult

**High point awards** for Leadline/Walk OnlyJunior, and Adult. High points based on horse and rider team. Rider may show more than one horse. Points- 1 pt for your place, 1 point for each rider you place above in that class. Example- you place 3rd in a class of 6, you earn 4 points. 1st in a class of 1, 1 point.

Junior rider- under 18 years old. Leadline may not enter any other division for high point.
Junior rider may enter Walk Only and Intro Level but will only earn points in the highest level they show in.

Each high point winner will receive a bag of Omni Cubes from Let r Buck Feed and Hardware! Wister, OK

**Best Turn Out Award** Judges choice, sponsored by Horse Of Course Tack Shop.

*Entries, Entry Fees, and Coggins due Sept 15th. $5 office fee, $10 a class. 

*My First Dressage Show Clinic Sept 15th to help you get ready!

Links for Dressage Tests
Intro A
Intro B
Intro C

Training Level 1, 2 &3

Western Dressage Intro and Basic tests

Jenesena Ursone will be judging. We are glad she is making the trip to be with us! Jenesena (Jenna) Ursone is a USDF bronze medalist and Silver medalist, L Program participant and two-time IALHA National Dressage Champion. Originally from South Dakota, Jenna grew up with horses on her family’s 325-acre cattle and crop farm. As a young girl and through her teenage years she competed in 4-H and local horse shows. Jenna’s love for dressage developed when she saw it for the first time in the 1992 Olympics. It wasn’t until she moved to Texas though and found her current mentor, Jennifer Jones-Cavness, that Jenna was able to follow her passion of training and competing. She received her USDF Bronze Medal in 2016. She recently made her FEI level debut in 2018 and is currently working towards her USDF Silver Medal. *Jenna earned her Silver medal this summer!* Jenna strongly believes in lunge lessons and rider fitness due to the significant impact it can have on both the rider and horse.

Jenna will be staying with us for a clinic on Sunday, Sept 23rd! 30 minute lessons to go over your tests, $25. 30 minute lunge lessons, $25. 50 minute lessons $40.

Thank you!

Located at:
The 4 13 Ranch 29136 360th Ave, McCurtain, OK 74944
(918) 795-0280 
Trail Course Challenge October 6 **Rescheduled for Spring 2019**
We will be having our trail course competition again this year! Trail courses are set up outside the arena and we strive for a safe, fun, relaxed environment.

*In Hand
*Walk only
*Walk Trot
*Walk Trot Canter

Youth and adult age groups.

$5 office fee, $10 per course. No membership fees.  Entries and entry fees due Sept 29.  

Judge Angie Ripple.

Horses and mules welcome. Current coggins required.

Last year we had two courses, this year we are working on a third.

High Point In Hand- Horse Lic  Donated by Feed In A Drum Oklahoma 

High Point Open- Bronc Halter Donated by Let R Buck Leather Co

High Point Youth- Bryer Horse 

High Point Leadline- Coloring Basket

Check back with us, I'll have entry information up soon.

Thank you!

Located at:
The 4 13 Ranch 29136 360th Ave, McCurtain, OK 74944
(918) 795-0280