The 4 13 Ranch

Dressage show June 29 with Jenesena Ursone, Clinic June 30
Dressage show Sept 14 with Marilyn Coffey, Clinic Sept 15

Class List
1. Leadline Test A
2. Leadline Test B
3. Walk Only Jr Test A
4. Walk Only Jr Test B

5. Prix Caprilli Jr
6. Intro Test A Jr
7. Intro Test B Jr
8. Intro Test C Jr
9. Training Level Test 1 Jr
10. Training Level Test 2 Jr
11. Training Level Test 3 Jr
12. Western Intro Test 1 Jr
13. Western Intro Test 2 Jr
14. Western Intro Test 3 Jr
15. Western Intro Test 4 Jr
16. Western Basic Test 1 Jr
17. Western Basic Test 2 Jr
18. Western Basic Test 3 Jr
19. Western Basic Test 4 Jr
20. Sport Horse In Hand Jr

21. Walk Only Adult test A (no points)
22. Walk Only Adult test B (no points)
23. Prix Caprilli Adult
24. Intro Test A Adult
25. Intro Test B Adult
26. Intro Test C Adult
27. Training Level Test 1 Adult
28. Training Level Test 2 Adult
29. Training Level Test 3 Adult
30. Western Intro Test 1 Adult
31. Western Intro Test 2 Adult
32. Western Intro Test 3 Adult
33. Western Intro Test 4 Adult
34. Western Basic Test 1 Adult
35. Western Basic Test 2 Adult
36. Western Basic Test 3 Adult
37. Western Basic Test 4 Adult
38. Sport Horse In Hand Adult

**High point awards** for Leadline/Walk OnlyJunior, and Adult. High points based on horse and rider team. Rider may show more than one horse.  A horse may be shown by more than one rider.  A horse may not be shown in more than 5 classes total with any combination of riders.  Points- 1 pt for your place, 1 point for each rider you place above in that class. Example- you place 3rd in a class of 6, you earn 4 points. 1st in a class of 1, 1 point.

Junior rider- under 18 years old.
Junior rider may enter Leadline and Walk Only or Walk Only and Intro Level but will only earn points in the highest level they show in.  Walk Only tests may have a leader as well.  

**Best Turn Out Award** Judges choice, sponsored by Horse Of Course Tack Shop.

*Entries, Entry Fees, and Coggins due June 22nd and Sept 7th. $5 non member office fee, $10 a class. 

I am having trouble loading any more documents to this site.  Please email me for an entry form, walk only tests, leadline tests, and in hand test.  Thank you!

*My First Dressage Show Clinic June 15th to help you get ready!

Links for Dressage Tests
Intro A
Intro B
Intro C

Training Level 1, 2 &3

Western Dressage Intro and Basic tests

Prix Caprilli

Jenesena Ursone will be judging our June show. We are glad she is making the trip to be with us! Jenesena (Jenna) Ursone is a USDF bronze medalist and Silver medalist, L Program participant and two-time IALHA National Dressage Champion. Originally from South Dakota, Jenna grew up with horses on her family’s 325-acre cattle and crop farm. As a young girl and through her teenage years she competed in 4-H and local horse shows. Jenna’s love for dressage developed when she saw it for the first time in the 1992 Olympics. It wasn’t until she moved to Texas though and found her current mentor, Jennifer Jones-Cavness, that Jenna was able to follow her passion of training and competing. She received her USDF Bronze Medal in 2016. She recently made her FEI level debut in 2018 and is currently working towards her USDF Silver Medal. *Jenna earned her Silver medal this summer!* Jenna strongly believes in lunge lessons and rider fitness due to the significant impact it can have on both the rider and horse.

Jenna will be staying with us for a clinic on Sunday, June 30th! 30 minute lessons to go over your tests, $25. 30 minute lunge lessons, $25. 50 minute lessons $40.

Marilyn Coffey -"My approach to training/teaching is that the horse is a direct reflection of the rider’s own biomechanics. If the rider is crooked and off balance, then the horse will be as well. It is my goal for the riders to learn and understand how their own body has a direct effect on the horse in the way it moves and performs. Understanding this makes you a better rider, competitor, and companion to your horse. Biomechanics may be a key part of my training, but at the heart of my passion is using horses as a ministry to bring honor and glory to God. Like the horse reflects the rider, I choose to live my life in reflection of Him."

Marilyn is a USDF Bronze Medalist and a Certified Instructor with the following organizations:
CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association – Master Instructor & Clinician
PATH – Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship – Standard Instructor 

Marilyn will be staying with us for a clinic on Sunday, Sept 15th! 30 minute lessons to go over your tests, $25. Private lessons $55, semi private (2 or more riders) $40 each rider.  Training session were Marilyn rides your horse for you $55.  

Thank you!

Located at:
The 4 13 Ranch 29136 360th Ave, McCurtain, OK 74944
(918) 795-0280 
Trail Course Challenge June 8, 2019 *Rescheduling due to rain.  Stay tuned for new date!*

Wess is smoking a pig so come buy lunch and support our kids!

We will be having our trail course competition again this year! Trail courses are set up outside the arena and we strive for a safe, fun, relaxed environment.
​2019 Trail Course Competition Rules & Guidelines

Our goal is for every horse (or mule) and rider to have a safe, fun, and productive day. Trail courses are set up outside of the arena and entries are being judged on ability to handle obstacles in a safe, confident manner.  

Any one who gets on an equine must be wearing a helmet. Long pants and riding boots require. No flip flops or bare toes on anyone handling a horse anywhere on the property.

No stallions.

There are three trail courses. You are more than welcome to practice on any course that is not being judged as long as you are not distracting the entry currently being judged. We do have lots of young and beginner participants so please be aware of everyone around you as you ride.  

We don’t care what kind of saddle you ride in. We don’t care what kind of bit you use. We don’t care if you ride with one or both hands. You may carry a whip or crop. Effective use of your equipment will be reflected in a higher score, improper use of equipment will lower your score. If the judge feels any equipment is being used abusively, she will stop you and you will be excused.  

Each course is judged on a score sheet with each obstacle being worth 10 points. If an entry can not complete an obstacle after three attempts, they will not receive any points for that obstacle. If they would then like to ask for assistance to complete the obstacle for training purposes, they may.  

Riders may navigate an obstacle or between obstacles at any gate they wish. Be aware, speed will only be rewarded in your scores if it is shown safely, with control and relaxation.  

If there is any question about anything regarding the competition, the judge will make a decision. Judges decision will be final.

Pre entry is required along with a current negative coggins and release forms. If you are showing more than one animal, or trailering in from a distance and would like to be further down on the order of go, please just let us know.  

Order of go will be published by Friday. It is hard to know how long each entry will take to complete their course before you. Please be aware of the entries before you and be prepared at your turn.


In hand, handler 18 & under
In hand, handler 19 & over

Lead Line (may not cross enter into ridden)

Ridden, rider 18 & under 
Ridden, rider 19 & over

Points: Points will be earned by each horse (or mule) and rider pair. A rider may show more than one horse, a horse may be shown by more than one rider. Points will be totaled for each division but divisions will not be combined (i.e. Bob and Blaze show In Hand and Ridden. At the end of the day, they will have 2 point totals towards prizes)

There are 3 trail courses, so there are 3 chances to earn points in each division. Points will be given on the results of each course. 1 point for completing, and 1 point for each entry you finish ahead of. Example- you place 3rd in a class of 6, you earn 4 points. 1st in a class of 1, 1 point.

Awards will be given in each division based on point totals for that division. Trophy Halter will be awarded to the highest division point earner.  

$5 non member office fee, $10 per course. Entries and entry fees due June 1.  Rider may ride more than one horse.  Horse may be ridden by more than one rider, horse may be shown in more than 5 classes. Horses and mules welcome. Current coggins required. 

Judge Angie Ripple.

  If you are mailing and it might not be received by June 3, please send us a message as well so we know to get you on the order of go.

Thank you!

Located at:
The 4 13 Ranch 29136 360th Ave, McCurtain, OK 74944
(918) 795-0280 
2019 Trail Course #1:
1. Down tree pass- enter between down trees, over down limbs.
2. Water Bottle Falls- ride through the hanging plastic bottles.
3. Tire Crossing- ride over tires filled with gravel.
4. Noodle Gate- ride between the trees with vertical pool noodles.
5. Mini Fire wood jump- ride over small stack of fire wood.
6. Hanging noodles- Ride through the hanging noodles.
2019 Trail Course #2:
1. Triple logs- ride over 3 logs in a row.
2. Wagon wheel- ride a circle stepping over all 6 branchs
3. Bridge- cross the bridge
4. Tire pedestal- ride onto and off from tractor tire filled with gravel
5. Mail box- Open mail box, hold up letter, replace and close mail box. (use the mail box that's the right height for your equine)
6. Log jump- jump or step over the log
2019 Trail Course #3:
1. Rope gate- open and close the rope gate.
2. Plastic pit- ride through the square full of plastic bottles.
3. Back up ally- ride straight into the raised poles then back all the way out.
4. Noodle car wash- ride through our little noodle creation.
5. Bag Drag- pick the rope up off the first barrel, drag the feed sack around the second barrel and return the rope to the first barrel.
6. Trailer load- Dismount, load, and then unload the horse. Do NOT attempt to ride the horse into the trailer. 

Link for pictures