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​June 3, 2017 rescheduled for July 2nd!
October 28, 2017

The 4 13 Ranch, McCurtain OK

Dressage Fun Show and Trail Course Challenge

For everyone!  Show will be a great place for beginner horse and riders as well as more experienced teams looking to have a good time.  

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Release Form

Meet our Dressage Judge/Clinician

Marilyn Bassett, MC Equestrain 
Competing in Dressage since the age of eleven, Marilyn Bassett is a young passionate professional whose goal is to educate both herself and the her students. Marilyn is a CHA Master Level Instructor, CHA Clinician to certify instructors, PATH Registered Instructor and a USDF Bronze Medalist. She has worked at therapeutic centers and loves seeing riders reach their true potential, both challenged and able bodied. She has also worked with Anne Gribbons of Florida, and works to continue her own education.

"How and Why Dressage Works"
Dressage is not “the fancy riding between white arena rails” or “wearing white breeches and a tail coat.” Dressage is gymnasticizing of the horse using invisible cues from a rider who appears to be doing… nothing. This discipline can show true unity with horse and rider. It is one of the oldest forms of riding and its history dates back to the middle ages. After decades of disciplined riding, Dressage still captures the hearts of horse lovers around the world. Using the basics of dressage, a rider can improve the horse’s balance, flexibility, and mental focus and so much more. If you are a competitor in another disciple, or you ride for enjoyment, Dressage has something to offer for both you and your horse.

“MC Equestrian-Miroir du Cheval”
“Miroir du Cheval” loosely translated means “Mirror of the Horse.” My approach to training/teaching is that the horse is a direct reflection of the rider’s own biomechanics. If the rider is crooked and off balance, then the horse will be as well. It is my goal for the riders to learn and understand how their own body has a direct effect on the horse in the way it moves and performs. Understanding this makes you a better rider, competitor, and companion to your horse. Biomechanics may be a key part of my training, but at the heart of my passion is using horses as a ministry to bring honor and glory to God. Like the horse reflects the rider, I choose to live my life in reflection of Him.

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Long Haul Award- to the entry that drives the furthest to get to the show.  Horse Lic donated by Feed In A Drum Oklahoma.

Patterns and Tests (Arena is 20 x 40)
USDF Intro A, B, & C can be downloaded Here.  

​USEF Training Level 1,2, & 3 can be downloaded Here.

​Western Dressage Tests can be downloaded Here.

​Walk Only Test. (may be ridden english or western) Adult and Junior division!   Great test for a horse or rider wanting to gain confidence.  Here.

Leadline Walk Only Test. Here.

Leadline Walk Trot A (may be ridden english or western) Here.

Leadline Walk Trot B (may be ridden english or western) Here.

Trail course #1 Video

Trail course #2 Video

Leadline and Walk Only-
1. Leadline walk only pattern
2. Leadline walk trot A
3. Leadline walk trot B
4. Walk only Adult
5. Walk only Jr

Dressage Tests- (Jr and Adult Division) 
6. Intro A
7. Intro B
8. Intro C
9. Training 1
10. Training 2
11. Training 3
12. Prix Caprilli Walk/Trot
13. Western Dressage Intro 1
14. Western Dressage Intro 2
15. Western Dressage Intro 3
16. Western Dressage Intro 4
17. Western Dressage Basic 1
18. Western Dressage Basic 2
19. Western Dressage Basic 3
20. Western Dressage Basic 4

Trail Course- English or Western (Jr and Adult Division)
21. In hand pattern #1
22. In hand pattern #2
23. Leadline Trail #1
24. Leadline Trail #2
25. Walk only Trail #1 
26. Walk only Trail #2
27. Walk Trot Trail #1
28. Walk Trot Trail #2

**Costume Class!** Free! Dress up yourself and your horse!
**Chili Cook Off** Bring a pot of your best Chili to share and have a chance to win a prize!

*$10 per class *No office fee *No membership
*Judge Marilyn Basset *Clinic spots with Judge after show.
*Candy and fun prizes to class winners. *High Point Ribbons. *Long Haul Award
*Entries due Saturday before show.
*Negative Coggins and release form required with entries.