The 4 13 Ranch

The Cattle
We currently have a cow calf herd, the majority of which is Charolais and Charolais cross.  We are adding our first registered heifers in 2020.  We are working towards offering service bulls for sale beginning in 2022.  

We also offer custom beef.  
Now taking deposits for December 2020 Beef.

All beef is born and raised here at the ranch and we deliver it to the butcher.  The beef we have available for December 2020 are Charolais Wagyu crosses.  Wagyu are the Japanese cattle known for their high marbling quality.  There are a lot of ways to raise beef.  Ours are raised primarily on grass with little supplemental feed.  We do increase feed the last 60 days to add marbling to the finished meat.  None of the beef that we offer has ever been treated with antibiotics.  We do vaccinate as calves to ensure they have a healthy life.  We also worm cattle regularly.  Beef animals can be raised to various sizes and ages before butchering.  For our herd, we try to have our beefs dress out around 550 pounds of meat.  This gives us nice size steaks and roasts, great marbling and flavor, and the beef is still very tender.  If you have any questions about our herd please feel free to ask. 

How does buying a custom beef work?

We offer beef in wholes, halves, and quarters.  You are buying your beef, or portion of beef, from us.  We will then deliver the beef to the butcher on the appointment date.  You will be responsible for payment to the ranch for the weight of the beef.  You will be responsible for butcher costs to the butcher and you will be responsible for picking your meat up from the butcher.  

Hanging weight- your cost to the ranch is determined by the number of pounds of meat after butchering.  After everything is removed except the meat  on the bones, the butcher will weigh the beef and give us the weight.  The side of beef is then hung and aged before being cut and packaged to your specifications.  Usually the meat is ready for pick up about 2 weeks after we deliver the beef to the butcher.  
Whole- $3.00 per pound hanging weight (so for a 550 pound beef, your total cost to the ranch is $1,650)
Half-$3.10 per pound hanging weight (so for 275 pound half, your total cost to the ranch is $852.50)
Quarter- $3.25 per pound hanging weight (so for 137 pound quarter, your total cost the ranch is $445.25)
***These are estimates at our target weight.  Each beef will be weighed on it's own and may be a little heavier or a little lighter so please be aware this is an estimate.  You will pay for the weight of your specific beef.***
You will pay the ranch in the form of a deposit when you reserve your beef and the remainder will be due when the butcher gives us the exact hanging weight.  No beef may be picked up from the butcher until the total cost of the beef is paid to the ranch.  

Butcher costs-***Butcher costs have increased fall 2020*** Butcher costs include flat rates for butcher fee $45, offal $15, vac pack $35, and a per pound fee for cutting and wrapping $.75.   On our 2019 beefs, fees worked out to $.82 per pound paid to the butcher.  With their price increase it will be more this year.  Fees (butcher, offal, etc.) are split if you are getting half or quarter.  If you have questions, please ask us or the butcher themselves.  If you have never had custom meat, you will be really impressed with the quality of a real butcher.  You will pay the butcher directly when you pick the meat up.   

Cuts of meat
Sirloin - Sirloin Tip - T-Bone - Round Steak - Rib Steak - Ground Beef - Chuck Roast - Arm Roast - Rump  Roast - Pike's Peak - Short Ribs - Brisket - Stew Meat - Soup Bones - Liver  *if you would like heart or tongue they will package that as well*
If there is a cut of meat you would rather have ground into hamburger, just designate that on your order.  You will decide how many pounds per package and how thick you would like your steaks cut as well as how you would like your meat packaged.  All meat will be frozen when you pick it up from the butcher.  

Placing a deposit to reserve your beef.  
We have a limited number of beefs available for December of 2020.  Deposits are taken first come first serve.
Deposits are non refundable and non transferable without permission of the ranch.  
In the event that a healthy beef cannot be delivered to the butcher for the set appointment, the ranch will refund the full deposit amount on or before the appointment date.
We accept deposits in the form of cash or PayPal (add 3% for PayPal).  Established ranch customers may pay with check.  
Whole- $800 deposit
Half- $400 deposit
Quarter- $200 deposit
Remainder due once hanging weight is known.  

Storage Space- The rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for every 35-40 lbs of packaged meat.  So a quarter will easily fit in a small chest freezer.  A half will fill a chest freezer on it's own.  A whole is going to require a larger freezer.
Lowes Fort Smith has 5-7 cu ft chest freezers in stock.  

Short Ribs, Carrots and Garlic Tomato Gravy  Recipe link
Thank you to all our 2020 beef customers!  We appreciate you!  
We'll have freezer beef available again Dec 2021.