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The Remuda
We have a few horses available for sale this year.  I am dealing with on going health issues.  Please understand I will reply to messages as soon as possible.  I'm sorry, but we are not considering trades.  Prices listed are firm and will go up if additional training is put on any of the horses.  If you are not already established with the Ranch, please provide references including your vet, farrier, and feed store when you inquire about a horse.  Click on small pictures to see larger images.  Thank you.
Steal Magnolia
Saphiro x SG Manilla Bey (*Epizozd)
2005 Palomino Andalusian Arabian mare.
Reg IALHA and AHA.
Born and raised here.  No one bought her as a foal because they were afraid she would grey.  Color testing wasn't as common as it is now.  She was saddled and ground driven as a young horse but then we had some emergency medical issues and never started her.  She has had a kid set on her.  We bred her to our Friesian stallion, Jan.  She produced five foals for us and was breeding leased to Benestar Ranch and produced a foal for them with Jan.  (3 buckskins and 3 bays)  She is an easy mare to be around and raise foals with.  14.2-14.3 hands. I have not been able to stand her on concrete with a stick and level.   We are no longer breeding and would allow her to go to an appropriate home with references.  $1,000.  
Indy, Maggie's 2013 foal.
Indy, Maggie's 2013 foal.
Maggie, 2016
Maggie, 2013
Maggie, 2014
Maggie, 2014
Valor (bay), Maggie's 2016 foal.
Comanche, Maggie's 2014 foal.
Indy, Maggie's 2013 foal.
Bene, Maggie's 2018 foal
Indy, Maggie's 2013 foal.
Maggie, not sure date
Maggie.  Taken 8/20
Pictures of Maggie and some of her foals.  Please click on picture to enlarge.  There are more pictures on our Facebook page from over the years.  Just scroll back through.   Thanks.
Maggie pasture video.  Aug 2020.
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The Wonder Ponies!  
We have two Andalusian Quarter Ponies.  We really  only need one but can't pick so both are being offered for sale.  If we find the ideal situation for one of them, we will keep the other.  
Ella is a 2012 Palomino Pony.  She is 13.2.  She has a been ridden in parades, around the ranch, on trail rides, and used in riding and vaulting lessons.  She has been introduced to driving.  She is super sweet and is the same every time you catch her.  She can be turned out for a couple months, caught, saddled and rode off.  She has excellent feet that have never needed shoes.  My D2's ride and handle her independently and she is safe with my D1's in supervised lessons.  (she may stop to graze with them, and if she may challenge them with steering).  No buck, rear, run away.  1 month of Intro to Driving Training with Sula Robertson 2015.  

Click on small pictures to enlarge.  Video links listed and she has a play list on YouTube.