The 4 13 Ranch

*Vaulting is an equestrian sport that involves gymnastics on horseback.  It is a great confidence builder and helps riders develop their balance and coordination while having a lot of fun with the horses.  

​*Same as with the riding, we teach slow and safely.  We go over everything on the ground and then on the barrel before putting riders on the horse.  We follow American Vaulting Association guidelines.  

*No previous vaulting or horse experience required.  

*No horse required, we have a team of horses that have proven themselves reliable that are used in vaulting lessons.

*Vaulters should dress in leggings and clothing they can move freely in.  Jeans and shorts will not work as vaulters will not be able to move around enough.  Breeches are not your friend as they will stick to the barrel and horse.  Water shoes or dance shoes for foot wear.  

*Who can vault? 
Vaulting can offer a lot of different benefits to many people of different ages and sizes.  
Safety for our vaulters and our horses is our first responsibility.  All vaulters will need to be able to communicate effectively with the coach and spotters.  I usually recommend four years of age and older.  General guidelines for size are 15% of the horses body weight.  As with riding, there are a lot of factors that can affect both the horse and vaulter involved.  Again, safety is our first concern and no vaulter of any age or size will be not allowed to attempt any move on the horses back that they have not proven capable of on the barrel first.  No one will ever be encouraged to do anything they don't feel safe trying.  Vaulting offers many ways for each vaulter to improve at their own pace and we will adjust to many different ages, fitness levels, confidence levels, and sizes to the best of our abilities.  If anyone has any concerns please feel free to contact me.  

*Attendance is flexible.  Vaulting is a team sport and we can safely mix levels within a group.  What one vaulter is ready to try at a trot, a first time vaulter can try at a standstill.  And each vaulter is not responsible for conditioning and training an individual horse so a vaulting horse can be kept in shape for a team even if not everyone makes every lesson.  However, you will get out of it what you put into it.  If you want to progress and try more advanced moves or participate in an event or competition, you will be expected to put the work in.  

Videos of our Vaulters at the 2017 AR OK State Fair